Are Sluts Good in Bed?

Sluts are women who sleep around a lot and like casual sex. They may dress provocatively. They also often have a high notch count and are sexually adventurous.

It’s important to understand that not all sluts are good in bed. In fact, some are horrible. Here are some tips to help you figure out whether a girl is good in bed.

1. They are confident

A slut knows what she wants and doesn’t have any issues going after it. She’s confident in her body and isn’t afraid to wear tight clothes or show off her cleavage.

She also knows how to initiate sex. This makes her attractive to men and can lead to more sexual partners.

You can tell if a woman is a slut by her social media profiles. If she’s constantly posting selfies in revealing clothing and is surrounded by men, then she’s probably a slut. She may even have a number of men who she sleeps with.

2. They have a good sense of humour

Studies show that people place a high value on having a good sense of humor. In fact, it’s often rated as a top mate trait in many cultures around the world.

If she laughs at your jokes and is witty in return, it’s likely that she has a good sense of humour. However, don’t tell fart jokes or other gross or crass humour. That’s just icky and not funny. It’s also likely to turn her off. Instead, try some more sophisticated humour. She’ll appreciate it. A lot.

3. They are honest

Women who unabashedly enjoy sex with men are often labelled sluts. If she’s got a social media profile full of photos of herself in alluring lingerie, travelling to exotic places and partying with guys, you can bet that she’s not afraid to let her sexual appetite be known.

That’s not a bad thing if she’s in consensual non-monogamy and as long as nobody gets hurt. But when she starts talking about threesomes or refusing to settle down, it’s a red flag. The company she keeps is telling, too.

4. They are adventurous

Whether they have a high libido or enjoy the thrill of casual sex, sluts are not afraid to try new things. They also realise that enjoying sex and pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you have a slutty girlfriend, don’t be afraid to let her explore her kinks. This will only make her more desirable to you. Plus, she knows that what goes on behind closed bedroom doors is her own business. She’s only doing what turns her on. And that’s what matters. Keep it up!

5. They are independent

A slutty girl knows what she wants and is not afraid to express it. She doesn’t let the backroom morality brokers hold her hostage.

She has a high libido and enjoys casual sex. This doesn’t make her a slut, even though some people use the word as a pejorative to describe promiscuous women.

She doesn’t shy away from talking about sex with her male friends. If she talks about having threesomes with men that she’s not dating, you should run the other way. She’s playing the field.

6. They are naughty

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of sluttiness. It can mean a woman is sexually promiscuous or likes casual sex. It can also mean she dresses provocatively or is willing to take advantage of men.

Depending on the person, being slutty can be fun for a while, or it can become a dangerous habit. It’s important to remember that you should only be slutty if it’s consensual and safe.

Sluts often collect male friends, grabbing their attention with compliments and fishing for sympathy. They then dangle the promise of sex in front of them to keep them hooked.

7. They are good listeners

Name-calling is a fun part of kinky dirty talk, but it can be really problematic outside of that context. Sluts know this and vocalize what they want without worrying about how it might make others feel.

They are also good listeners, which is something men appreciate. They can be open to ideas in bed and will often say yes to naughty requests, such as touching their nipples or clit while they fuck. This is particularly good for a guy who normally initiates sex. He will be impressed by her willingness to please him.

8. They are open-minded

In a typical relationship, it is usually the man’s job to initiate sex. This can be frustrating for women who want to sleep with their partners.

Despite the sexual revolution and feminism, the word “slut” is often associated with promiscuity and loose sexual morals. It makes many women hesitant to ask their partners for casual sex.

Slutty girls are open to exploring their kinkiest desires with their partners. However, they also make sure that their actions do not hurt others or cause anyone distress. This is called ethical slutting.

9. They are independent

Sluts don’t want to be told what to do and aren’t afraid of doing their own thing. This independence is a good thing, but it also means she’s not indiscriminate about her sexual partners.

Whenever a woman who is openly promiscuous gets married, cuckold slut-shamers emerge from the shadows to cluck their tongues and insist that she’ll never be happy because she’s a slut. Words like tarty and strumpet may appear old-fashioned, but the term slut has power that words like whore and babe don’t. It sticks to you.

10. They are good listeners

Some women turn down their cheeky naughtiness once they start dating someone serious, worried they’ll be slut-shamed. This is a shame, as slutty women often make the best partners in bed.

A slut is open to her partner’s ideas, but she will also be able to judge whether they hurt her physically or emotionally. This kind of emotional honesty is a huge part of being good in bed. It’s important for everyone to be able to say no when necessary. It also makes for a better relationship in the long run.